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Regulatory Guidance and Energy Compliance Consulting

 Our clients rely on us to keep them informed of regulatory trends and proposed changes.


Energy regulations are extremely complex and can differ widely from state to state

Depending on whether the state is regulated or deregulated, some state specific regulations can negatively impact business productivity and operations. We stay on top of energy efficiency standards and energy safety regulations.  Therefore, we are informed and able to propose future changes at the Public Utility Commission level.  Some of our recommendations for past regulatory changes have proven to be very valuable, resulting in commercial energy savings for our clients.

When it comes to understanding industry regulations and their impact on business, there simply is no substitute for the experienced energy compliance consulting of Lykins Energy Advisors.  As one example, we recently advised a client with the Ohio “Reasonable Rate Arrangement”.  Our involvement ultimately helped our client save millions of dollars.

Meet the Team

Tom Gantzer

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Tom is the General Manager at Lykins Energy Advisors where he oversees a variety of areas, including utility infrastructure consulting and the sale of services. Tom brings more than 38 years of experience in the regulated and deregulated energy business.

Prior to joining Lykins Energy Advisors, Tom was Director of Regulatory Affairs at Innovari Market Solutions where he managed demand response operations nationwide. Responsibilities included regulatory affairs, portfolio risk management, product development, contracts and settlements.

Previously, Tom held positions at Midcontinent ISO, Constellation Energy Group and Duke Energy in the areas of wholesale & retail electricity marketing & trading, utility operations, pricing, tariffs, structured products, acquisitions and retail market development.

Kimberly Rippe

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Kimberly is an Energy Advisor for Lykins Energy Advisors.  As a member of the business development team she builds and maintains client relationships, seeks out new accounts and provides continued education and advice for new and current clients.  Kimberly’s professional background with the Cincinnati Regional Chamber brings an awareness of our region's needs, developments and makeup.  Her initial, professional background as a teacher brings awareness of peoples differing personalities, learning styles and ways to relate to individuals. The combination is an ideal blend for advising, understanding and assisting clients as we guide them through the procurement process and develop best strategies for each client.

Kimberly holds a Masters degree from Xavier University and a Bachelors degree from Northern Kentucky University.

Paul Probst


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Paul works as an analyst for Lykins Energy Advisors where he performs detailed analysis for procurement and consulting assignments. In addition to the procurement analytical work, Paul also performs the real time metering and site billing for Lykins' customers. Prior to joining Lykins Energy Advisors, Paul worked three years as a contractor for Electronic Testing Consultants on projects including fiber optic installation, termination and testing, as well as a variety of other assignments including the production of power quality analysis reports for customers. Prior to Electronic Testing Consultants, Paul worked 12 years at CBTS (a Cincinnati Bell subsidiary) monitoring and supporting enterprise customers’ communications networks and computing systems, and the internal systems infrastructure of the Enterprise Network Operations Center. Paul provided security vulnerability analysis reports for customers’ network and computing infrastructure.

Before joining CBTS, Paul spent 7 years working for the College of Engineering at the University of Cincinnati, supporting the College’s computing and network communications infrastructure. And, before that he worked for Comtrax Systems Incorporated, troubleshooting and developing custom software applications for airport authorities.

Paul graduated from God’s Bible College with a Bachelor of Arts and a major in Math.

Lynn Francis


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Lynn works as an analyst for Lykins Energy Advisors where she performs procurement and support assignments. In addition to her analytical work, Lynn is also responsible for maintaining the efficiency of the Lykins Energy Advisors office, with billing and accounts receivable processes.  Prior to joining Lykins Energy Advisors, Lynn worked for a Cincinnati business as an Accounting assistant where she managed the daily CRM operations, customer credit balances and invoicing.  Previous work experience involved her implementation of new technology to streamline purchasing, accounts receivable and invoicing.

Lynn is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati. She has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering.

Brad Mindrum

Energy Specialist

[email protected]

Brad is an Energy Specialist where he keeps close attention to Lykins Energy Advisor client accounts to ensure smooth transition and provides pricing for other team members. He began as an Energy Specialist in 2017 with Lykins Energy where he performed duties like providing electric pricing for businesses and maintaining the residential account regulations and functions. Prior to joining Lykins Energy, he was working as Pharmacy Technician.

Brad graduated in 2016 with his Bachelor of Science in Psychological Studies from Northern Kentucky University.

Chris Smith

Chris Smith


[email protected]

Chris has spent the last 20 years in the deregulated energy industry in all of the major deregulated states, and has led Commercial Sales, Residential Sales, Marketing, Customer Care and Regulatory Compliance for some of the largest electricity and natural gas providers in the nation, as well as cutting-edge Energy Efficiency, Solar Power and Energy Storage providers.

Prior to joining the team at Lykins, Chris ran Lighthouse Power Partners, served as Vice President at DPL Energy Resources, and has served as Vice President and Chief Operating Officer in the deregulated energy and solar industries. Chris has successfully developed innovative products and processes to help energy users take advantage of deregulated energy markets and emerging energy technologies, including solar power, energy storage, LED lighting, building automation. Chris’ background includes the development of data-driven systems to help businesses utilize best-in-class energy expertise to lower power and gas expenses, generate jobs, and develop the business environment while positively impacting their carbon footprint.

Chris is a graduate of The University of Texas, the proud father of a Texas State Bobcat and a Springboro Panther, and lives with his family in Springboro, Ohio.

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